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Rishi Gupta

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Rishi is a software developer by profession who is interested in automation, open source. A strong believer in power of positive thinking and believes in hard work. He is eager to learn new technologies every once in a while. Rishi regularly contributes to YFS (NGO - Youth for Seva) a group of people working together to help people in need in India. Moreover, he is currently mentoring at LITG (LearnITGirl) whose aim is to help women learn programming language and connect them to the community.


,python, automation, basic sql, express.js, mongodb, node.js,


Angleščina, Hindujščina

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  • Henrik Skupin

    Rishi did some great work helping us to convert the unit tests for mozdownload from the Python unittest framework to pytest. I'm looking forward to work more with him over the next months.

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