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Moziljan 2 leti Nov 2018
Jalandhar, Punjab, India
14:32 Asia/Kolkata

Puneet Pushkar

Hindi, English

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I am a pre-final year student, a data science practitioner my major works revolves around sentiment analysis and scrapping.

I actively take technical as well as a non-technical session in my university, on topics from making your carrier in computer science, paths for data science "to" a healthy internet, free software India movement, and getting started with open source contribution.

Open Source is everything for me, the libraries I use (TensorFlow, PyTorch) the Operating System in my phone everything revolves around open source, the sense of contributing and getting my contributions accepted is the things that motivates me to learn more and more.

My Contribution does not completely revolves around coding, but also the documentation, making language diversity, testing and making the technology accessible to the people are some of the ways I contribute to Open Source

Learning, Community Building and Sharing my learning experience is the thing that I follow in day to day basis

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coding, developer tools, 2009 intern, agile, analytics, android, app developer, python, web development, evangelism, creative


communications, storytelling, community engagement, project management, mentoring, community building, dashboarding, linux shell scripting, machine learning, python developement, pytorch, sentiment analysis, tensorflow


Angleščina, Hindujščina

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  • Ranjith Raj

    Puneet have been vocal against the 'Surveillance Capitalism' and 'Digital Monopolies', speaking to wider sections of audience for which his public speaking skills are commendable. Puneet keeps a track on emerging technologies, educate people about them and continuously experiments around using them to build Privacy & Free Software alternatives that respects users.

  • Tanzeel Khan

    Puneet is one of the active contributors of Mozilla Punjab Community and has been working from past one year to activate the Community, onboard more members and take forward the mozilla mission.

  • Sonia

    Puneet is an active Mozillian from the Mozilla Punjab Community. Keep up the good work.

  • Prathamesh Chavan

    Puneet has been one of the enthusiastic Mozillian I have met. He is great at speaking and is quite passionate about contributing and evangelizing Mozilla projects. I am happy to vouch his profile.

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