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Pratik Parmar

પ્રતિક પરમાર

O Moziljanu

Pratik is an enthusiast machine learning developer who's always eager to tinker with new ML frameworks. However, TensorFlow and PyTorch are some of his favourite toys. He’s been Student Partner at Microsoft and Machine Learning and Cloud facilitator at Google. He has helped over 800 people get started with Machine Learning. When he’s not talking at a conference or studying at college, he loves to travel and cook.


  • Pranshu Khanna

    Pratik is a very enthusiastic Mozillian who contributes to WebVR and organizes events in Mozilla Gujarat. He's an AI-ML Geek who loves to talk! He is skillful with all things ML, and will fill you with questions. He has incredible knowledge about AI and always stays updated about the Community and the Internet. Very happy to vouch for him!

    Go to to know more about his Mozilla Story.

  • Md Shahbaz Alam

    Pratik is an awesome mozillian.He mostly contribute in WebVR and spreads the mozilla love by organizing sessions for his local community.

    Visit to know more about him.

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