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Moziljan 9 let Jun 2011
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
14:50 Asia/Karachi
IRC : hasan

Muhammed Hasan Ahmed

Mozilla Rep, Campus Advisor at Mozilla Campus Clubs

O Moziljanu

I have been a Firefox Support Contributor on Mozilla Support Forum where I am also registered in the "Contributors" group.

I represented my country Pakistan, in the Mozilla Camp Asia 2011 which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 18-20 November 2011.

I am also the Co-Founder of Mozilla Pakistan community and while there, I set-up the digital presence of our local Mozilla Pakistan community over different social media channels:

Currently, I am in the process of building the Mozilla Pakistan community.

Update 22-01-2014: Joined the ReMo Mozilla Reps program as an official Mozilla Representative in order to accomplish the above mentioned objective.

I'm also involved with the Mozilla L10N Urdu Team, to help localize Mozilla products such as Firefox (Desktop, Android, iOS), Firefox OS, Firefox Focus (Android, iOS) in Urdu language.

Update 26-09-2014: Joined the Firefox Student Ambassadors program as Regional Ambassador Lead (RAL) of Pakistan to help students in Pakistan establish Firefox Clubs and run our awesome activities & events on campus.

Update May 2016: Joined the Campus Advisory Committee (CAC) cohort to reinvent Mozilla's presence on college/university campus around the world by helping develop a new Mozilla on Campus project to replace all the previous initiatives. Mozilla Campus Clubs were launched in September 2016 and I have joined the Mozilla Campus Clubs program as Campus Advisor to help, support, guide, mentor, grow & develop it in general and in my region.


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Angleščina, Urdujščina

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  • Sayak Sarkar

    Hasan is an amazing contributor and community leader from Pakistan doing an awesome job in spreading the Mozilla mission and developing the Mozilla Pakistan community. As his reps mentor, I feel really proud of his achievements and the great work that he continues to do for the community.

  • Huda Sarfraz

    Hasan has been contributing to Mozilla for quite a while now. He was contributing to support before I got to know him. He has since then took up creation and management of Mozilla Pakistan social media channels, and has been very active in the Firefox Student Ambassador Program, helping start a number of Firefox Clubs in Karachi. He has recently also become the Regional Ambassador Lead for Pakistan (

  • Gauthamraj Elango

    Hasan is a passionate mozillian from Pakistan who is doing a great work in spreading the mission of mozilla across the country. Recently, he stepped up to be a RAL and will lead all FSA related activities in the region.

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