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Moziljan 5 let Aug 2014
07:00 Europe/Madrid
IRC : vesper


I work with the SUMO community (and specialize in localization)

O Moziljanu

I joined Mozilla in September 2014, but have been a fan and Firefox user since day one. Online in various shapes and formats since 1999, and the more I learn about open source and open communities, the more I realize that it's the way to go if we are to have an internet for everyone, by everyone.

I work on making SUMO available in as many languages as needed, together with the most amazing people who use their language superpowers to make life easier for others.

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support, community, contributor engagement, couchsurfing, remoties, community builders, beards, l10n:translation, l10n:pl, gamers, musicians, localization


audacity, audio editing, game design, gimp, google apps, interpreting, l10n, localization, social media, translation, translation memories, tumblr, tweetdeck, twitter


Nemščina, Angleščina, Poljščina

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