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Malinda Prasad

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I’m a student of Informatics Institute of Technology following the BEng (Hons) in Software Engineering degree programme. I have worked as a Software and Web Developer from 2007, and am also experienced in database systems, network designing and configuration from 2008. Currently I’m engaged in blog writing regarding telecommunication and technology. I worked as a Software Research Developer at LEECOM Scada Systems on various projects and act as chief software developer and designer.


android, communications, developer tools, html5, javascript, mobile, php, summit2013, web development


.net, android, arduino, javascript, php, server, sql


Angleščina, Sinhalščina

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  • Danishka Navin

    Malinda has been contributing to Mozilla Sri Lanka community several ways such as developing FirefoxOS WebApps, localization, Hosting Firefox 4 launch party in Sri Lanka, etc.

    He also take a part in New Firefox launch and also several community events hosted in Sri Lanka. Moreover he contributed t run FirefoxOS WebApps workshops in Sri Lanka as a speaker.

    Malinda, I highly appreciated you contribution and I hope you will continue your contribution. Cheers!

  • Mashkawat Ahsan

    Malinda is contributing in localization (, apps development, organizing events.

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