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Moziljan 6 let May 2014
08:41 Asia/Kolkata

Sai Karthik

MDN Contributor, Localization, Add-on Development

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.css3 html javascript, addon development, art work, article editing and writing, basic linux administration, graphic design: gimp


  • Chris Mills

    Sai is doing a great job of managing the B2G OS documentation, leading a community of volunteers to keep the docs up to date. Fantastic work.

  • Bala Subramaniyan

    I'm endorsing karthik Karra for his valuable contributions at Firefox OS and filing the bugs related to new products at marketplace.Thanks !

  • Dietrich Ayala

    Sai is contributing to our IoT efforts and also Firefox OS. He's been contributing also with visual design efforts, designing a logo for the port of Firefox OS to Raspberry Pi.

  • sandeep kapalawai

    Karthik is an enthusiastic contributor towards Firefox OS and MDN . It's my Pleasure to Vouch him :)

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