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Kade Morton

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I'm a hardwired autodidact. By day I have a keen interest in cyber security and by night I'm an avid writer.

Follow me here on LinkedIn or Twitter @cypath for articles on information security, politics and writing.


  • David Ross

    Out of the blue Kade volunteered to help me deliver Privacy Lab in London. He was already here to volunteer for Mozfest and asked for any roles that needed doing. Mozillians like this make me proud to be a Mozillian. Dependable, intelligent, helpful, a great communicator. He can count on my help any time.

  • Richard Milewski

    Kade Morton is working to add Australian Community video content to Air Mozilla. He is an Air Mozilla Community Field Producer. He's filling a huge void in our Southern Hemisphere coverage.

  • Prathamesh Chavan

    Kade Morton is a passionate Mozillian and is a strong advocate of an open web. He is great volunteer and has been contributing to various Mozilla forums in all possible manner. He recently volunteered at the MozFest2016 and has written a great post describing his experience. Link : I'm happy to vouch for him :)

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