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Moziljan 7 let Sep 2013
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
15:16 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : @santosh

Santosh Viswanatham

Tech Speaker, Add-ons, Mozilla Rep

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Santosh works as a Javascript Engineer at Gaian Solutions Pvt Ltd and previously worked as a Frontend WebDeveloper at Infosys. He is a Computer Science grad and has been volunteering to Mozilla for almost 5 years in different projects, products and programs. Presently he is a Mozilla Tech Speaker, Add-ons Community Leader, Advisory Committee member of Campus clubs , Campus clubs functional team member of Mozilla India.

I am a developer, dreamer, Foodie, Community builder, Engineer and a movie lover.

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apps, boot2gecko, developer tools, mobile, web development, qa, mozspeakers, flame users, repsmozfest2014, a-team, app developer, famous photo star, mozilla guides, fossasia, techspeakers, orlando all hands work week 2015


a bit of python, ajax, angular 8, angularjs, apache http server, c, campaign management, community building, community development, community engagement, css3, html5, html5 css3 javascript jquery angularjs, iot, java, javascript, jquery, jquerymobile, jqueryui, php, sql, twitterbootstrap


Angleščina, Hindujščina, Telugijščina, Urdujščina

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  • Ting Jung Lee

    Santosh is AMAZING. As a Regional Ambassador Lead FSA, he is always on top of his duties. The moment he was given the role, he started helping students set up clubs all around his region. He is ALWAYS encouraging and helpful, so dedicated to helping the community out. Next, he volunteers to help plan the photobus that toured India for Firefox 10th Anniversary. I am very thankful for his aid and see Santosh as a valuable Mozillian with a go-getter attitude. Keep rocking Santosh :).

  • Jason Weathersby

    Santosh is a very energetic and knowledgeable developer who has spent a lot of time working with Firefox OS, developing apps and actively recruiting others to as well. He is also actively developing materials for Mozfest and works with others in his area to build, teach and mentor applications on Firefox Technologies.

  • Raghuram Korukonda

    Santosh is a fantastic evangelist and also Regional Ambassador Lead for FSA's in Southern Part of India. He is active contributor for Firefox OS Apps and also an energetic mentor.

  • Gauthamraj Elango

    Enthusiastic and passionate contributor. Good in FirefoxOS dev and of course in evangelising the same. Dedicated in what he does for Mozilla. Innovative and inspiring guy for many ;)

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