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Kurri Sudarshan Reddy

Working for Mozilla Winter of Security (MWOS) 2014

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Volunteer at Mozilla. Web Developer. Web maker mentor.

I organize Mozilla events and show path for folks to choose their interest to contribute to Mozilla Community.

Speaking Interests : OWASP ZAP, Web Security, Webmaker, Community Builiding,Firefox Addons


coding, b2g, mozilla india, addons, security group, security, infosec


adobe illustrator cs6, andriod app development, basic nodejs, c, community building, css3, firefoxosappsdevelopment, html5, java, javascript, jekyll, open source, owaspzap, php, python, twitter bootstrap, web security, zurb foundation


Angleščina, Telugijščina

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  • Santosh Viswanatham

    Sudarshan has been a long time Mozillian from 2 years.Starting his contribution with Firefox OS he is a webmaker super mentor,Evangelist,Event Organizer and a Super awesome Enthusiast about Open Web. He is also an Intern at Winter of Security Project at Mozilla from approximately 10 months. He loves to Learn,Teach and Mentor students and a Peace loving Contributor.

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