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Moziljan 7 let Oct 2013
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
16:41 Asia/Karachi
IRC : haidersajjad

haider sajjad

localization, Featured Add-ons Board member, TCP Contributor,Sumo,


asia, communications, communications sig, community engagement, mozilla pakistan, community management, firefox student ambassadors, pakistan, sumo, army of awesome, community builders


ajax, c++, css, html, java, javascript, mysql, php


Angleščina, Urdujščina

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  • Spike (Chris Foote)

    Haider was a local volunteer at the Mozilla Festival in London in 2015 and did a great job - a fine Mozillian!

  • Asad Sajjad

    For contributing as an active open badge community member.

  • Muhammed Hasan Ahmed

    Haider is a longtime Mozilla Contributor. He started as an Urdu Localizer. He then signed-up to become a Firefox Student Ambassador and later became Club Lead of "COMSATS Mozillians" Firefox Club. Since the mid of 2014, he has been contributing on the Mozilla Support Forum and joined the "Army of Awesome" as well. Earlier this year, he applied for the Tablet Contribution Program and has been filing bugs & contributing in the TCP. He also joined the "Featured Add-ons Board" for Jan-June 2015.

  • Huda Sarfraz

    Major contributions in Urdu localization of Firefox and Firefox OS. Pootle stats:

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