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Moziljan 6 let Oct 2014
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Elizabeth Sarobhasa

Educational Curriculum Design Intern at Hive Learning Network

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Mozilla Foundation & Hive Learning Network

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  • Kat Braybrooke

    Eliz has worked for us at Mozilla as our educational curriculum design intern since October 2014, and has brought a great deal of enthusiasm to the Webmaker and Hive Learning projects she has been a part of. I am happy to recommend her as a Mozillian in Vancouver.

  • Ralph Giles

    Hung out with Eliz in the Vancouver office, where she did educational development work on 3d printing and other technologies.

  • Roland Tanglao

    Liz is and will be a great Mozillian since she loves open source communities and will continue contributing to them.

  • Anthony Hughes

    Eliz is a Mozilla Foundation intern and has agreed to dogfooding Firefox OS.

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