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I love to make new friends & learn new stuffs; i love food & music,i am a good singer;I'm good with writing materials so i chose documentation through blog writing;i will be writing articles on mozilla in my blog regarding all the fields;& i will share my views & ideas through my documents. my blog link:


  • Raiyad Raad

    Faria Mahjabin is an awesome contributor. He helped to arrange FSA events of NSU Firefox Community, contibuted in SuMo. She is also a great blogger and WoMoz activist.

  • Maliha Momtaz Islam

    awesome blog writer and does webmaker, arranges maker parties , good as an FSA .

  • Tanha Islam

    Faria Mahjabin has been an awesome contributor since she started her journey with NSU Firefox community. She has been a mentor during many events, a session taker. Also does l10n, webmaker, event organizing and an awesome blog writer. Blog Link:

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