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Moziljan 16 let Jan 2004
19:15 Asia/Taipei

Ernest Chiang

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I'm Ernest. I usually using ernestchiang and/or dwchiang as my username on IRC or other profiles/services.

I connect the world between technologies and businesses (no matter profit or non-profit businesses).

AWS Community Hero.


  • 15y+ experience in planning, developing, and implementing state of the art IT solutions facilitating client growth.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP), certified by PMI.
  • is taking care Product & Technology Integration in PAFERS (fitness technology, bluetooth) since 2011.
  • was a Sr. Process Integration Engineer in TSMC (semiconductor, largest IC Foundry in the world) before 2008.

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asia, boot2gecko, community, community builders, css, english, evangelism, firefox, html, javascript, l10n:review, l10n:translation, l10n:zh-tw, localization, marketing, metrics, mobile, mozcamp, moztw,, open badges, persona, program management, sf-monument, summit2013, summit2013-santa-clara, sumo, support, systems administration, taiwan, web development, webfwd


bluetooth, html5, javascript, linux, php, project management, sysadmin

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