Profil Moziljana
Pune, Maharashtra, India
IRC : djaniketster

Aniket Deshpande

O Moziljanu

Open source enthusiast, Marathi (mostly) Localization, love teaching web


  • Umesh Agarwal

    l10n Marathi contributor and Manager. Associate with mozilla since 2013. Happy to Vouch!

  • Ankit Gadgil

    Aniket is a L10N contributor for His L10N contributions can be viewed at bugs:#917284, #891714, #843289, #916476,,, #917235, #917248, #917284

    Personal Blog:

    Active contributor to community building and event maganement. He is a core member from Mozilla Pune and a co-host at Mozcoffees in pune.

  • Krishna Kumar Deep

    Aniket is mostly into the l10n (Marathi). The bug files by him are [here] (

    His pootle link is username: djaniketster

    He also maintains his blog which is

    Along with this he is also into community building & an occasional speaker.

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