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Moziljan 16 let Apr 2002
United States
22:24 America/New_York
IRC : bsmedberg

Benjamin Smedberg


O Moziljanu

I started volunteering for Mozilla in 2002 and have been a Mozilla employee since 2005. I currently serve as an architect on the Firefox product integrity team in charge of measuring and improving Firefox performance, stability, and testing. I have at various points taken on responsibilities including moving localization to source control, owning the build system, the XUL toolkit, XPCOM, crash reporting, and the multi-process content code.


coding, crashkill, fx-team, platform, plugins, security group, sf-monument, summit2013-brussels


cplusplus, debugging, flash, hbase, hg, javascript, jydoop, mercurial, python


Angleščina, Latinščina

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