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Moziljan 7 let Dec 2013
IRC : aurelia


I build web tools and resources for researchers and scientists.

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Aurelia is a developer and curious cartographer building communities around code at Mozilla Open Science. Previously of Ushahidi, Internews Kenya, and CartoDB, she's been working in the open tech and non-profit journalism space for a few years, and recent projects have had mapping sensor data to support agricultural security and sustainable apis ecosystems in the Global South.

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Angleščina, Španščina, Francoščina

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  • Abigail Cabunoc Mayes

    Aurelia has been an amazing Community Lead at the Science Lab! She can jump into dev work as easily as she makes an engaging talk. A+ team member.

  • Kaitlin Thaney

    Aurelia is our Community Lead at the Mozilla Science Lab, spearheading our Mozilla Fellows engagement, and helping the community get involved in furthering science on the web.

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.

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