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Athul Suresh

Code,Bug Reporting, Graphic design, Events

O Moziljanu

Code Lover. Free Web. Open. Student. Active Mozillian. Did few awesome videos for events like Makerparty Kochi! find me more on twitter @athulsuresh


sumo, mozilla kerala, coding, ux, firefox student ambassadors, mozilla india, mozilla_kerala


cpp, css, html, html5, less, photoshop, php, python, webgl


Angleščina, Malajalamščina

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  • Midhun Manoj

    Hardcore Mozillian. A very good designer and has gifted all us with some amazing visual treats. You can see two of his best video work here , . Helps with outreach and publicity. Apart from this he codes too. Happy to vouch for him :)

  • Abid Aboobaker

    Recently get involved with Mozilla local community. He is a passionate soul who believes in doing good. Actively contributing to development areas and code. Also, he is a designer/artist who help the community to get outreach through graphical assets like video, design for social media, event branding etc.

    I am feeling great to vouch him. :)

  • A Anush

    Mozillian, Developer, Photograper and Man with skills to video graph the persent.

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