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Moziljan 12 let Jan 2008
New Delhi, NCT, India
16:12 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : anup

Anup Kumar Mishra


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Mozillian||Student Rep || SuMo Reviewer || Localizer || Marketing || Events Organizer || ReMo || Student Ambassadors Working Group Member || Full Time Mozillian || WebFWD Scout

-->Started with Contributing as a Student Rep in Mozilla Project around 2008.

-->Worked on to various projects and wrote more than 100 articles about Firefox in one of the leading news papers of India.

-->Worked into several campaigns and launch parties to make them a success and was recognized a lot for launching one of the best Firefox 4 launch party.

-->Worked on to engaging more than 100 active contributors for Mozilla projects.

-->Have been speaker into more than 50 events of Mozilla till 2015 beginning and the count is still increasing.

-->Have helped founding many sub communities in India like Mozilla Punjab , ,Mozilla Bhopal ,Mozilla Himachal Pradesh etc.

-->Love sharing the word about Firefox and I have a sound knowledge of the webmaker tools.

-->Have contributed as a scout in WebFWD project as well.

-->Part of the MarketPulse community as well and have also contributed to the Mozstumbler Project.

-->I love doing engagement activities.

Recognition Preferences:

Thank you: A message of any type appreciated

Recognition of Achievement: Any certificate

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add-ons, asia, engagement, events, firefox, hyderabad, l10n:os, market insights, marketing, mozilla bhopal, mozilla india, mozilla punjab, mozillian, personas, rock, scout, sf-monument, summit2013, summit2013-santa-clara, user engagement, webfwd, firefox student ambassadors, qa, social contributors, marketpulse community, firefoxos, mozspeakers, community builders, mobile, india, mozpacers


c, dot net, java core, marketing, product research, public relations, selenium, sql, user experience, user research


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