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Amena Islam

Lead, ULAB Mozilla Community

O Moziljanu

I am Amena Islam, a Mozillian. Completed my B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. I have been associated with Mozilla since 2014 and inspired by the concept of web literacy and open web to know more and do something impact full within my community. I am currently working with: 1.FSA program 2.Webmaker 3.Womoz and 4.Community events

My passion is for public speaking and organizing events where I can help others to develop their skills.


android, asia, bangladesh, bengali localization, fsa, apps, womoz, privacy, policy


android, c, c sharp .net, c++, css, html, interpersonal skills and organizational skills, java, leadership, public relation, team management, volunteering


Bengalščina, Angleščina, Hindujščina

Zunanji računi


  • Ratul Minhaz (Minhazur Rahman)

    Amena Islam is a very active Firefox Student Ambassador and WoMoz. At least 5 events were organized in her supervision at her own university, and more in other places. She has helped the Regional Ambassador Lead in many occasions too.

  • Maliha Momtaz Islam

    She is a Mozillian and a Leader indeed. She have been helping the community to shape up WoMoz in Bangladesh; have contributed through arranging maker party with school boys. I see a potential contributor in her.

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