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Answering questions, Localizing, Article writing, Coding

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Hi! This is Imran. I'm from Dhaka, Bangladesh. At present I'm studying B.Sc Engg. in Computer Science and Engineering at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). I love coding, I'm damn passionate to it. I love open source projects and contributing in these projects. I believe in altruism..and always tried to be an altruist. I love team work. I just hate injustice and corruption.


marketing, suppport, web development


c, c plus plus, css, html, javascript, python


Bengalščina, Angleščina, Hindujščina, Urdujščina

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  • Ratul Minhaz (Minhazur Rahman)

    Imran is just crazy about the Open Web! He loves to talk about Mozilla all the time. As an idealist, he says Mozilla's philosophy really goes with him. He has taken several Mozilla sessions at his university as well as wrote a tutorials for Firefox OS App development.

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