Profil Moziljana
Moziljan 5 let Apr 2013
Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
20:18 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : sumonmselim

Muhammad Sumon Molla Selim

Mozilla Promotion, Contributor, Development

O Moziljanu

Web Development professional and open source evangelist having 5+ years of experience in building scalable and reliable web applications in LAMP stack.


add-ons, coding, developer tools, people, sf-monument, support, web development


css3, html5, jquery, php, wordpress


Bengalščina, Angleščina

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  • Mahay Alam Khan

    Sumon Selim has published App in Firefox Marketplace. He did some translation through Transifex as well. He is a FSA and was a club lead of his University's Firefox Club. He is a Mozillian, I look forward to see him contribute more.

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