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Meghraj Suthar

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I am Jodhpur based Mozilla Rep and I pursuing my graduation from Rajasthan, In Computer Science. I am interested in web development, in which i prefer HTML,CSS,JS,PHP etc languages. I have organized many events around my region as a speaker about Mozilla L10n and also i have good experience of Mozilla Localization project i am Reviewer at SUMO and C-Ordinator of Webmaker Project in India of Hindi Localization. I explore Mozilla L10n to participants, about all projects. I love to speak about Mozilla L10n and QA.

I am a Mozillian. #firefoxstudents


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c, community building, cpp, css, css3, html, html5, java, java script, localization, marcket, marketing, my sql, php, phython, translation, user rea, user research, web development, webmaking


Angleščina, Hindujščina, Radžastanščina

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  • Peiying Mo

    Meghraj has been one of the key Hindi l10n contributors prior the FFOS phone marketing launch campaign in India. He helped organized the resources, prioritized the projects, communicated requests and surfaced issues so blockers could be quickly addressed and projects done. He was very dedicated, working around the clock at crunch time and still was very positive and great energy. Thank you for your continued support!!

  • Amira Dhalla

    Meghraj has been a great contribution to the Webmaker community by supporting individuals who are both teaching and learning. He recently participated in MiniCamp - Jaipur'14 organized by the Mozilla Community Rajasthan. He did a presentation on participating in SUMO and had directly helped the community achieve it's large success over the past few months. Here's Meghraj in action:

  • Ajay Kumar Jogawath

    Meghraj is an awesome mozillian contributing in different projects of mozilla like Hindi L10n, Webmaker, SUMO, Firefox OS Launch Team India Member, Tablet Contribution Program.

  • Swarnava Sengupta

    Helps millions of Firefox User worldwide by writing, editing, translating knowledge base article and answering questions on Mozilla Support. Part of Mobilizer team India.

  • Jayakumar Sadhasivam

    He is one of the Best FSA

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