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Firefox OSの技術情報を書籍にまとめたり、勉強会でFirefoxOSのはなしをしてるよ

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c and c++, community organizer, java, publishing



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  • dynamis

    He have strong leadership in Japanese developer community. His group made really interesting Firefox OS development guide with manga-style cover. He also help mozilla to hold some community events. We can expand our community thanks to his help!

  • Tetsuharu OHZEKI

    He contribute to edit and publish a technical guide books of Firefox OS as self publishing culture in Japan. Those books involves many developers who interested in Firefox OS.

  • Chiko Shimizu

    His contribution is spreading Firefox OS and Open Web Apps by editting some books. This activity involves many Japanese Firefox OS community members, and accessorlates the expansion of Japanese Firefox OS community.

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