Профиль Мозилльянина
Мозилльянин 6 лет Oct 2014
17:18 Asia/Kathmandu
IRC : squgeim

Shreya Dahal

Promote, organize and participate in events.

О себе

I am a freelance developer interested in the web and the free software philoshopy.


nepal, mozilla nepal, fsa, asia, coding


c, electronics, javascript, linux, php, python, web development


Английский, Хинди, Непальский

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За него поручился

  • Nootan Ghimire

    Shreya has been regulary attending our local meetups and events, taken sessions and helped us grow our network by establishing college sub-community in his college. He's big time open source lover, open web supporter and has got real potential to contribute to mozilla further.

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