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Мозилльянин 7 лет Jun 2013
18:18 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : sethu

Sethu Sathyan

Womoz, bringing more women into technology

О себе

Open Source Enthusiast, Evangelist, Web Developer, Womoz.

I run a local developer community to support and bring more women into technology.

Моя история помощи


firefox student ambassadors, mozilla kerala, supoport, teachtheweb, web development, web maker, womoz, famous photo star, firefoxos, marketing


,python, .css2 css3 html php, angular4, database mysql, prime-ng


Английский, Хинди, Малаялам

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За него поручился

  • Rachel McGuigan

    Sethu is an active coordinator in the SUMO community. She brings a professional and positive excitement to the the sumo network and community. I was very excited to meet her at the Orlando All Hands in 2018.

  • syamkumar

    She is an active contributor to Sumo and Social support team . She has been contributing to documentations and mentoring new members in the community. She also attended Mozlando 2018 and is a facilitator for Decentralization space in Mozfest 2018 . It is my honour to vouch for such an active Mozillian.

  • Abid Aboobaker

    Active Womoz contributor.

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