Профиль Мозилльянина
Brussels, Brussels Capital, Belgium
03:36 Europe/Brussels

Roman Miletitch

О себе

PhD student in Artificial Intelligence, award winning digital artist, founder of OpenTechSchool Brussels, event planner (Food&Code, Electric Offense) and tech speaker/teacher.

Roman is a Jack of all trades and thrives on applying what he learned from one field to another. Coding from roofs, subways or abandoned buildings, he's always eager to explore the creative possibilities of this digital medium.


a-frame, creative coding, p5js, threejs, webvr


Английский, Французский

За него поручился

  • Christophe Villeneuve

    Roman was able to adapt to the public during events to show the possibilities offered by Mozilla Reality and using aframe as a demonstration during demos and workshops. He is an indispensable actor to talk, develop and contribute to the reality web (WebAR / WebVR / WebXR)

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