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Мозилльянин 7 лет Jul 2013
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
07:27 Australia/Sydney
IRC : nootan

Nootan Ghimire

О себе

Tech enthusiast. Codes in PHP (CSS/JS/HTML), C#, React and a bit of Angular.


asia, coding, fsa, mozilla nepal, nepal, sf-monument, famous photo star


basic-python, c, c plus plus, css, javascript, php


Английский, Хинди, Непальский


За него поручился

  • Avash Mulmi

    Has been involved (mostly as a volunteer) in almost all events by Mozilla in Nepal. Earlier he used to organize various tech related events and also fix bugs occasionally. After being a representative, has taken initiative of the regular meetups in the community.

  • Akriti Bhusal

    Actively Involved in Mozilla Nepal community. Organizing events at colleges.

  • Avinash Kundaliya

    Active mozillian from Nepal and has been contributing in code, evangelism and organizing events !

  • Surit Aryal

    He has been conducting sessions at colleges, giving presentations on mozilla nepal events, while doing some occasional makes, contribution to mozilla-nepal.org, occasional bugfixes, and sharing mozilla's mission to folks I think they should really know.

    Bugzilla Profile: http://goo.gl/3EcTHd

    Member at official mozilla nepal github : https://github.com/moz-np

    Blog: http://cafecod.es/

    Webmaker https://webmaker.org/en-US/user/nootanghimire/makes

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