Профиль Мозилльянина
Мозилльянин 11 лет Aug 2009
San Antonio, Texas, United States
07:41 US/Central
IRC : moses

Moses J Bermea

SUMO Moderator, QA, en-US SUMO KB Editor

О себе

I've been contributing to Mozilla since mid-2009.

Currently I'm involved with SUMO as a Moderator/Contributor, I do some QA work on Test Days, Bug Days, Bug Triage and Verification days. Also doing some editing in the en-US SUMO Knowledge Base and am a reviewer for it.

You can find me in IRC under "moses" in the following channels. #sumomeet, #sumo, #sumodev,,#testday, #qa, #automation, #firefox


qa, support, thunderbird, web development, summit2013, army of awesome, sumo, mozillian, sf-monument, webqa


css, html, support



За него поручился

  • Rachel McGuigan

    Moses has been a great part of SUMO over the last 3 years that I have gotten to work with him. From LiveChat back to AoA, he has always put the user first.

  • David Weir

    Thanks for all of your work you have done with sumo over the last couple of years

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