Профиль Мозилльянина
Мозилльянин 5 лет Mar 2013
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
05:06 America/Sao_Paulo

Morvana Bonin

О себе

Development Analyst student, founder and coordinator of the group GU Mobile-RS, idealizing the community Mobile Brasil as a way to disseminate and spread the knowledge in this area and founder and co-organizer of the Mobile Brazil Conference event. Development Analyst at FrontEnd. Web mobile enthusiast , responsive design. Collaborating for a better web with Mozilla Foundation.


apps, couchsurfing, mobile, sf-monument, web development, repsmozfest2014, python, javascript, html5, css3



За него поручился

  • Jonathan Lamim

    Very dedicated and participation within the community. His lectures and training, with a lot of quality content, always bring new members to the community.

  • Ricardo Pontes

    Awesome rep, great developer and make big things in Mozilla Community.

  • Andre Garzia

    Works very hard, awesome mozillian and event organizer! One Rep that we can all be proud of.

  • David Ruiz

    Very active Brazilian Mozillian and responsible for many events and talks about Firefox OS and the mission of Mozilla.

  • Maicon R.C Ferreira

    Morvana has been dedicated in contributing to the mozilla organizing and speaking at various events and conducting trainings firefoxOS here in Brazil.

    http://tchelinux.paralelo30.org/portoalegre2013/#palestra-06 http://mobilebrazilconference.com.br/ http://gumobilers.github.io/tchemobile/ http://braziljs.com.br/

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