Профиль Мозилльянина
Мозилльянин 4 года Feb 2015
08:28 Asia/Karachi

Maryam Khalid


a bit of android, adobe photoshop, hand drawing, microsoft excel, microsoft powerpoint, microsoft word, painting, user reseach


Арабский, Английский, Французский, Урду

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  • Muhammed Hasan Ahmed

    Maryam is the first female FSA from Pakistan to have started a Firefox Club in her campus by becoming the Club Lead of "Firefox at FJWU" https://www.facebook.com/fjwufirefoxclub. By doing so, she has aspired other female students in the country to start Firefox Clubs in their campuses as well. She has recruited many FSAs on campus & her hardships paved way for the new FSAs of FJWU to just focusing on developing, growing and keeping the club active.

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