Профиль Мозилльянина
Мозилльянин 3 года Nov 2017

Gazzali Fahim

গাজ্জালী ফাহিম

Social Support Contributor


,java, c, c++, php and sql

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  • Jhonatas Machado

    Fahim is a very vital participant in the Social Support program. I don't think we could scale without your dedication. Thank you for being there for all the users!

  • Неизвестный поручитель

    Fahim is a member of the Firefox Social Support Team. He is full of knowledge about Firefox, and is enthusiastic about the project. I hope to see you continue your contributions.

  • Rachel McGuigan

    Fahim is starting to participate in Firefox Social Support. I look forward to working more on Social!

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