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James Sandoval

MozFest volunteer

О себе

Born in France and swept off nearly immediately to Athens, Greece for a few years, but my formative years were spent in several parts of Germany (my father was career US Air Force).

My university studies took me on a tour from Munich (University of Maryland, Munich Campus) to the University of Maryland, College Park, in Maryland, USA and, ultimately, to the University of Washington in Seattle, where I focused on development communications to advance the fulfilment of human potential in developing geographies.

And, well, I ended up in the wonderful world of online advertising.

Fast forward through nearly 10 years of digital media agency adventures (3 in Seattle, 7 in London) followed by 7 years of entrepreneurial grit (also in London), including go-to-market strategy and sales of both enterprise-level and emerging marketing and advertising technology, fueled by a high-octane, inexorable passion for problem-solving, analytics and innovation.

You'll now find me imparting as much as I can to a number of promising ventures and tremendously talented entrepreneurs.


business analytics, data analytics, data collection tool development, digital marketing, entrepreneur, marketing communication, online advertising, reporting and analytics tools

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  • Spike (Chris Foote)

    James was one of the wonderful people that volunteered at the Mozilla Festival in London in 2015. He did a great job and helped make the event.

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