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Мозилльянин 6 лет Jun 2014
17:44 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : Bolaram

Bolaram Paul

I contribute in SuMo,FSA,MDN,QA,Firefox OS,Webmaker etc

О себе

Hello all,I love contributing to Mozilla ! I am a Mozilla Reps & Firefox Student Ambassador,volunteer as well. I love to Talk about Mozilla,Open web!Love hanging out with friends. And,Last but not the least I am a proud mozillian!


webmaker, firefoxos, mdn, coding, add-ons, apps, localization, program management, recruiting, qa, womoz, labs, community, testdays-relaunch-v1, flame users, one and done, people, sumo, support, mozilla foundation, army of awesome, marketing, marketing collective, firefox student ambassadors, thimble, web development, public relations, webfwd, bugzilla, bmo, bug wranglers, affiliates, participation, asia, l10n:translation, atheists


basic networking, css, css3, event organizer, firefox apps, firefox os app dev, graphic design, html5, javascript, javascritp, joomla, open badge, open web, php, webdeveloper, wikipedian, wordpress


Бенгальский, Английский

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  • Joni Savage

    Bolaram has made life awesome for lots of Firefox and Thunderbird users. He's active in the support forums and has localized many articles for our Bangladesh community. Thank you for your contributions, Bolaram!

  • Rachel McGuigan

    Bolaram Paul was one of the first contributors to try the SUMO Quality training in One and Done. He has come to a great start in the forums and is enthusiastic about Mozilla!

  • Bill Mills

    Bolaram has done great work with the Mozilla Science Lab! He translated 3 lessons into Bengali:

    • awk: https://github.com/BillMills/awk-lesson/blob/master/bengali-readme.md
    • scheduling in the Bash shell: https://github.com/BillMills/shell-scheduling/blob/master/bengali-readme.md
    • Creating Packages in Python: https://github.com/BillMills/pythonPackageLesson/blob/master/bengali-readme.md

    And, he started a Study Group at the SEC: http://sylhet-engineering-college.github.io/studyGroup/

  • Madalina Ana

    Awesome SUMO contributor from Bangladesh!

  • Michal Dziewonski

    Bolaram has been helping out with SUMO l10n for Bangladesh (https://support.mozilla.org/bn-BD/user/bolaram/documents), and has been active in many, many places around Mozilla. Thank you for your hard, enthusiastic work for the future of the open web!

  • Mohammed Migdadi

    Boloram is so active CL in his university he loves Mozilla and doing his best for it :)

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