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Kuruvilla George


FSA, Take back the web campaign,Coding contribution .

О себе

Hi, I am Kuruvilla George Aiyankovil, and I am pursuing my Bachelors degree in Computer Science Engineering. Quick learner and a tech enthusiast. Enjoy lerning about new advancements in IT, programming and web development

Моя история помощи


,python, .android, .c, .c++, .css2 css3 html php, .css3 html5 java, 1 year of mysql experience, algorithms, all windows office applications, datastructure, developing web apps, good at public speaking, group leadership skills, motivates



За него поручился

  • Akhil James

    Kuruvilla is an awesome contributor. He was very much involved in Take Back the Web campaign. Is a good blogger and an app developer for FFOS. Also active in club activities at SJCET. See his blog here : http://kuruvillageorge.blogspot.in

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