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Rubin Bhandari(Sidharth)

I promote and spread the word about Mozilla,open web and open source.

О себе

Developer(Java,Android),Open source lover and advocate,a programming geek.Loves to travel,sketch and code.

A big time Linux fan,SuMo Army of Awesome and Support Forum,Strong Supporter of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS),Board member/volunteer at HCOE Developers' Circle.


mozilla nepal, nepal, addons, army of awesome, webmaker, firefox student ambassadors, hcoe developers circle, fsa, mozilla geolocation


advanced python, android, c, c++, css3, html, java, javascript, mongodb, nodejs, php, reactjs, vb.net


Английский, Хинди, Непальский

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  • April Morone

    I think Rubin has worked very hard as a contributors in multiple areas, and has put forth a lot to motivate others, as well as helped in SuMo. I vouch him.

  • Неизвестный поручитель

    Rubin is one of the most active FSA from Mozilla Nepal community. He is regularly contributing MLS and Support Forum. Also organized MakerParty.

  • Nootan Ghimire

    Sidharth Bhandari has been actively participating in National Mozilla Events - as well as taking the lead on various events as Firefox Student Ambassador in Himalaya College of Engineering. He's also been involved in Free and Open Source Softwares an shares our common vision of Open Web.

    Given his significant time to make mozilla, and mozilla nepal recognized in the institution he's studying in - I think he makes a good candidate to be vouched.

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