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Мозилльянин 5 лет Feb 2015
IRC : MerajKazi


QA, Tech Speaker

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I'm Meraj Kazi. From Bangladesdesh. Contributing in mozilla QA and Tech Speaker program. Studying in computer science & engineering. Contributing in mozilla is like an addiction to me. Can't spend a day without it. Finding bugs is like chasing the dragon. Just awesome !!!

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army of awesome, firefox student ambassadors, bangladesh, qa, one and done, webmaker, javascript


c++ language, laravel, qa, team leadership, tech speaker


Бенгальский, Английский, Хинди

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  • Rachel McGuigan

    Meraj is taking part in helping organize the new Mozilla Social Support program. I am really excited to have him help pilot the program and the training materials.

  • Belayet Hossain

    Meraj has been done a great job in demonstrating Webmaker for Android to the visitor of Bangladesh Internet Week 2015 at Mozilla kiosk. He is enthusiastic, hard working.

  • Hossain Al Ikram

    Meraj has been an tremendous contributor from QA Marathon Dhaka (The first ever QA event in Bangladesh). From the beginning till now, his passion in Mozilla project is amazing. It's really awesome to seeing such an amazing contributor testing bugs , playing with features and doing Bug verification!

    He is really an amazing part of Mozilla QA Bangladesh Community! It's my honour to vouch him! Thank you, Meraj , for everything, you have done!

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