Профиль Мозилльянина

Inma Barrios

I help localize Mozilla awesomeness to Spanish

О себе

Knowledge facilitator, language juggler, open-web fan. Working on my quadruple somersault.

​I believe the Web should remain a public resource open and accessible to everyone.

At Mozilla I am a Locale Lead, and contribute to the European Spanish localization of Mozilla product web pages, marketing campaigns, snippets, and product surveys, as well the International Spanish localization of Firefox OS — the open source Operating System developed by Mozilla.

My goal is to bring Mozilla core values — innovation, openness, and opportunity — to low-cost smartphones, making sure everybody everywhere has a differentiated and customized user experience.

Currently working on a Mozilla Advocacy campaign for EU Copyright reform.


local marketing, localization, mozilla hispano, sf-monument, summit2013, sumo, support


documentation, languages, localization, marketing, project management


Английский, Испанский, Французский


Учётная запись

За него поручился

  • Jean Collings

    For the great help on translating in-product communications (snippets)!

  • Pascal Chevrel

    One of our main localizers for es-ES locale http://viewvc.svn.mozilla.org/vc/?view=query&dir=&file=&file_match=exact&who=inmitabarrios%40gmail.com&who_match=exact&comment=&comment_match=exact&querysort=date&hours=2&date=all&mindate=&maxdate=&limit_changes=100

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