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Мозилльянин 8 лет May 2010
United States
05:50 US/Eastern
IRC : ErikRose

Erik Rose

Make server-side stuff, including DXR and lots of Python libs

О себе

Erik applies static analysis and search to the Firefox codebase, helping developers navigate and reason about it. Previously, he was the language-processing and search guy at Votizen, where he made it possible to positively identify a U.S. voter based on fuzzy contact info in 20ms. He's also spent time in the Zope and Plone universe, where he wrote several popular Plone plugins, served on the Framework Team, and authored the book Plone 3 for Education. Erik has spoken at PyCon, DjangoCon, and the Plone conference, maintains a raft of libraries, and, in his spare time, thinks about how to make formal languages fit humans’ brains more closely.


beards, beer and tell, coding, sf-monument, summit2013-santa-clara, support, web development


api design, django, elasticsearch, mysql, parsing, postgresql, python




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