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Stefania Delprete


I studied Physics in Italy where I started learning what is free software and why it's important and started programming in C (I learned Turbo Pascal in high school).

In 2012 I moved to London, UK, where I did an intern in ThoughtWorks where I learn some Ruby and Java, plus tutored students in Science and offered self-improvement workshops.

In 2015 I moved to Berlin, Germany, where I worked in the GoEuro's QA team. In September 2015 I started collaborating to grow the Mozilla Berliner Community, and I've got more interested in learning Python and Rust.

In Berlin, in the fall 2015 I co-hosted Mozilla Tech Weekend where I gave a talk on what's new in Firefox, and in the Spring 2016 I co-hosted another Mozilla Tech Weekend about IoT and having fun hacking my MindWave with the group.

Since January 2016 I co-created and co-hosted the Open Mozilla Nights, and in September I volunteered at View Source conference.

In October 2016 I moved back in Italy. I'm studying Data Science and in Feb 2017 I became a Mozilla Campus Club Regional Coordinator based in Trino Vercellese.

In addition to tech I'm really passionate about social entrepreneurship, Physics, Maths, Neurosciences (visual system, consciousness), self-improvement and Movimento Arcaico, Jazz, dancing and fruits (I'm raw vegan).

I'm open to travel and collaborate world-wide.


Engleză, Italiană

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  • Florian Merz

    Stefania is an active member of the Berlin Mozilla Community. She helped organizing the Mozilla Tech Weekend in 2015 and did a talk about What's new in Firefox. Furthermore, Stefania is one of the core organizers of the Open Mozilla Nights.

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