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Mozillian de 5 ani May 2015
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
09:17 Asia/Kolkata

Harshita Ved


Hello Everyone, I am Harshita ved, Club Lead and a Mozillian from Medicaps Institute of Technology and Management, Indore (M.P). I am a prudent personality and enthusiastic towards learning new technologies. I love that i am a part of Mozilla Community and somewhere i am able to contribute in improving the global experience of people on the web.


a bit adobe photoshop cs6, c, c++, css, html, java, javascript, machine learning, object oriented programming, software engineering

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  • Muhammad Shafique Patni

    Harshita Ved has made a great impact as a Mozillian, participated in multiple events for Mozilla Community Indore and being very involved with group, she is a pleasure to work with and great at planning. she has been contributing from 6month as a good contributor, she is enthusiastic and passionate to contribute Mozilla project Womoz.

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