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Mozillian de 5 ani Mar 2014
Pune, Maharashtra, India
16:13 Asia/Kolkata

Shashank Jaiswal

SuMo, Events, Evangelism


sumo, army of awesome, l10n:hi-in, b2g, web development, sf-monument, persona


c++, html5, java, l10n, marketing,, ux, web dev


Engleză, Hindi

Conturi externe

  • Facebook: 74274265j
  • Phone (Mobile): +918085010490
  • Skype: shashank.jaiswal37
  • Twitter: 74274265j

Recomandat de

  • Mrinal Jain

    Shashank is very good at leading, and also he is active all the time. I found him participated in various projects of Mozilla

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