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Mozillian há 4 anos May 2014
United Kingdom
06:34 Europe/London

Abiel Tomás Parra Hernández

Open Web Philosophy


Passionate about the Complexity of Human-Computing Interactions


mozilla mexico, mozilla hispano, mobile, rust, mozilla science lab, techspeakers, nda


artificial intelligence, compilers, hci, interaction design, mobile, theory of computer science, ux, web developement


Inglês, Espanhol, Francês, Italiano

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  • Stefania Ioana Chiorean

    Abiel wa sone of the MozTechSpeakers I mentored through the cohorts of the program. He had one of the best evolutions. Started pretty shy as his English is a bit rusty, went to confident at the end. I did appreciate his work to share homeworks, to prepare his speeches and also to care about the feedback we gave him. Always responsive. Also has good technical skills and good choices in topics.

  • Frédéric Harper

    Abiel was part of the Tech Speakers program for the last cohort: he was dedicated and gave me a very good impression. Looking forward to see Abiel at conferences and on the stage as he is an amazing Mozillian!

  • Luis A. Sanchez Romero

    Abiel had been involved a lot with the local Rust community and with the organization of the first Rust day in Mexico he also is a Tech speakers.

  • Jorge Antonio Díaz Lara

    Gran entusiasmo en participar con la comunidad y con los proyectos de la Fundación.

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