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Mozillian há 12 anos Jul 2008
Nashik, Maharashtra, India
07:34 Asia/Kolkata

Omkar Walimbe


21,Independent Web Developer,Firefox student ambassedor ,Webmaker , Mobile app developer, Open source evanglist. Cooks food or reads books if not busy with geeky stuff.hates pseudo intellectualism


apps, developer tools, evangelism, graphics, localization, mobile, open badges, sf-monument, ux, web development


css, html, photoshop, php


Inglês, Hindi


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  • Clarice Wang

    If you see what Omkar has done in first ever Mozilla event in the Worlds largest slum ie DHARAVI, you'll be deeply moved. He helped kids drawing social awareness comics to remix those comics in ‪popcornmaker‬ and then spread them to the world. Awesome!

  • Gauthamraj Elango

    Omkar is a passionate and consistent contributor. He is doing great work in the Nashik community especially with webmaker related activites. Happy to vouch for a passionate and dedicated contributor like OMKAR :D

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