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Vigneshwer Dhinakaran

Community Building and Tech evangelism


"I am an innovative data scientist working on realtime data and an open web philanthropist focussed on building services providing equal access"

Office Hours: You can reach me at any time through my Email ID. I will be actively replying back.

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  • Aurelia Moser

    Vicki is so great, he's super attentive to his Study Group which is a fork of a Mozilla Science Lab Project for IoT, very participatory in our community chat and on our community calls and an enthusiastic help with our newsletter and lesson collection online, spanning hardware to Rust curriculum. :)

  • Gauthamraj Elango

    I know Vignesh for more than a year now. He is a very active and passionate Mozillian. Recently, I was assigned as his mentor at Reps program. I am quite impressed by the dedication and clarity on his upcoming plans. He helped in the formation of Mozilla in Coimbatore, in-spite of his relocation to Bangalore he still guide and lead activities in the region.

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