Perfil do Mozillian
Anápolis, Goiás, Brazil
12:05 America/Sao_Paulo
IRC : thiagopolicena

Thiago Matos Policena

Contas externas

Atestado por

  • Cynthia Pereira

    Thiago is a core contributor of SuMo Brazil, acting as facilitator of Knowledge Base, also, he promove the Mozilla’s mission and products on his local community. He have participed of the events like FISL, MozPizza, Campus Party and FGSL. Thiago thank you so much for support me and keep rocking the web!

  • João Paulo Polles

    Thiago made a excellent work on FISL17. Thiago's talks about SUMO and L10n was very important to participants of Forum to can start contribute to Mozilla. He helped also on the Mozilla's stand and on Social Media. We need more Mozillians like you.

  • Jhonatas Machado

    Thiago Policena did a amazing work in FISL 17 and always help in knowledge base.

  • Dalmo M. Veras Neto

    Amazing guy! Helped a lot at FISL17!

  • Geraldo Barros

    Thiago is a great contributor in SUMO Brazil, he works actively in all activities and campaigns in the community.

  • Jonathan Lamim

    Actively participates in the SUMO activities and l10n in the Brazilian community and can offer much more over time. Great person and professional.


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