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Long time Mozilla contributor Marcio Galli is the founder of Tela Social, a social-aware kiosk system powered by Mozilla. Marcio is an entrepreneur and uses this project to push the good parts of the Web, and specifically the web engine, into public and semi-public spaces using TV panels — and aims to drive Web TV initiative further in a way that TV becomes more participative, and new ways of the use can transform spaces. Marcio is category ( Best Open Web Hack ) winner of the Mozilla + MacArthur Foundation "Jetpack for Learning" competition / Austin Texas and was priorly winner of a mobile contest for the early mobile apps effort from Mozilla. Before working on Tela Social, marcio worked in a variety of projects at Mozilla Labs, such as Mozilla Minimo, and Chromeless. Marcio provided contributions to Mozilla ecosystem since 2000 when he started working for Netscape as technology evangelist for Gecko and Web Standards. Where TelaSocial crosses with mozilla? TelaSocial uses Gecko at its core and it explores new user interface systems in the real world. Read a bit about the Gecko powered dashboard at Hacks


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