Perfil do Mozillian
Mozillian por 8 anos Mar 2012
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
08:30 America/Sao_Paulo
IRC : geraldobarros

Geraldo Barros

Mozilla Representative


About me

I’m Web Development Instructor, Internet Health Global Community Committee member, Mentor at Open Leadership program, designer at Mozilla Open Design and an awarded contributor from Mozilla Network50’s 2017 . At Mozilla Reps program I work empowering more volunteers around the Brazil to take the lead and push the Mozilla mission forward.

Office hours

You can always reach out to me on Telegram or via e-mail.

Minha história de contribuição


localization, sf-monument, rust lang br


front-end development, graphic design, internet health, open leadership, web literacy


Inglês, Brazilian portuguese


Contas externas

Atestado por

  • João Paulo Polles

    Geraldo was a awesome Mozillian. He made a wonderful organization to represent Mozilla on FISL17, your work about the Mozillian's logistics in the Forum was excellent! Your talks and help on the stand engaging new volunteers was fantastic! We need more Mozillians like you in our community!

  • Cynthia Pereira

    Geraldo has done a fantastic job this year with the Leão Mozilla Clubs. He also collaborated and promoted WoMoz Brazil.

  • Guillermo Movia

    Gerlado is a really active member in the brazilian community. Not only working with Mozilla Clubs in his region, but also collaboration with WoMoz project in the community.

  • Vagner Mbas

    Is very active in mozilla projects in Brazil.

  • Cynthia Zanoni

    Geraldo is very active in Mozilla projects and has love for his work. He have strong contribution in Brazil SUMO, Mozilla Clubs in Mozilla Leo Club (most active brazilian club) and WoMoz, with supporting the integration and strengthening of the group. Her presence is very important for the community and for the Mozilla mission to happen in Brazil.

  • Andre Garzia

    This is a great mozillian working towards universal web literacy. He is creating a mozilla club in his region and is teaching others to read, write and participate on the web.


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