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Mozillian por 6 anos Feb 2014
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
11:34 America/Sao_Paulo
IRC : cyz

Cynthia Zanoni

Collaborating for a better web and world with Mozilla


Background with open-web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Tasks Runners and Language Styles Processors. Web Standards, Usability, Accessibility, Customer Experience e Information Architecture. Knowledge in SEO and Web Analytics. Requirements survey, monitoring, it projects, quality control and scope, communication and customer solution brokering and Market Research. Knowledge in others technologies: PHP, OO, SQL, MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js. Development in iOS (native) and Hybrid's platform. Research and experiences in UI/UX mobile native and hybrid plataform. Leading agile teams.

  • Organizer and Curator from Mobile Summit.
  • Organizer and Curator from WoMakersCode.
  • Volunteer and mentor new members in Mozilla Brazil and WoMoz Brasil Leader.
  • Co-organizer at GU Mobile RS.
  • Co-organizer at Mobile Brazil Conference - 2013 and 2014.


firefoxos, mobile, web development, coding, creative, mozilla brasil, css, engagement, firefox, labs, localization, sumobrasil, sf-monument, womoz brasil, womoz, womakerscode, techspeakers


administrator social media, css3, design, dev firefox os app, evangelist, event management, event organization, firefox club, firefox os evangelist, grafic design, html5, information architecture, javascript, mobile, php, python, rubby on rails, social engagement, usability, user research, ux


Inglês, Espanhol, Português


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Atestado por

  • Andrea Balle

    Cynthia is an active contributor in different areas of Mozilla Brazil. She is specifically focused in event organization (BrasilJS, Tchê Mobile, Games NIght, among others), evangelism and techonological talks (about UX and front-end for FxOS). Co-criator of WAM Club for Mozilla's educational actions. She's also on WoMoz brazilian cell. Great to have a person with such passion and energy in our community!

  • Ricardo Luis Zanetti Panaggio

    Cynthia is very active in Mozilla Brasil. Her presence in the south of Brazil is very important for the community, as she helps a lot in local events, plan and execute events on her on and is helping a lot in spreading the word and do events on several important areas, as Firefox OS and Webmaker.

  • João Lenno do Nascimento Azevedo

    Awesome mozillian southern Brazil.

  • Vagner Mbas


  • Melissa C. Devens

    Cynthia is very active in Mozilla Brasil Community. She helped a lot in Brazil JS and on the organization of Mozilla Games Night. She also collaborated on events, talks and community engagement in the south of Brazil.

  • Rodrigo Silva

    collaborated extensively with the community, events and talks. is currently the most active woman


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