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Mozillian por 18 anos Mar 2002
São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil
16:20 America/Sao_Paulo

Fabricio Zuardi

tech evangelism


Co-founder at, web developer at and blogger at

Contributes with answers and articles/article translations for the pt-BR forums at SUMO: and evangelizes FirefoxOS / webapps. Have one app in the marketplace (

Ônibus Hacker (hacker bus), is a group of open-culture people that bought a bus using the internet (crowdfunding) and we have been traveling throughout Brazil and LatAm spreading DIY, autonomy and freedom ideals with workshops. More info and photos from our travels and "invasions" at The project is not strictly tech, we mix art stuff such as crafting, poetry, film-making, photography, music, as well as politics, open data/transparency/activism.

I have been a mozilla volunteer contributor since a very long time (my first reported bug on bugzilla dates back to 2002, thanks to Marcio Galli!) and I have been participating of both the global discussions and efforts and local brazilian communities before our local group could fit into a van. Always trying to be helpful regardless of the several drama that local communities endure from time to time.

As a developer I love the fact that a great number of brilliant engineers are still contributing with the project and I expect that privacy, openness and true meritocracy are still great mozillian values for years to come. We must not let marketing agencies, unnecessary bureaucracy, artificial hierarchies partnerships and hired executives ruin the awesome things that we have built so far :)


beer, bespin, boot2gecko, chrome canary, chrome devtools, chrome users, chromium, dev derby, developer engagement, devtools, drumbeat, firebug, firefox nightly, firefoxos, gaia, hackasaurus, hackerbus, hackerspaces, icmc-usp, jagermeister, moz bastards, mozilla brasil, mozilla sao carlos, onibus hacker, sf-monument, summit2013, summit2013-brussels, ux, web development, webcompat, crafty, sumo brasil


actionscript, crochet, css, haxe, javascript, karaoke, node, php, python, ukulele, xul


Inglês, Espanhol, Português


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